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Blow molding machines

Our company supplies extrusion blow molding machines for production items made of plastic and other synthetic polymer, equipped with devices of electrical and hydraulic proportional control, parison-control device and variable speed drive. All blocks mentioned are of leading global producers. 
In a model range we've submitted to you there are machines with one or two workstations , where you can fix several dies. With the help of these machines is possible to produce both one-layered and multi-layered items as well as products with pointer bar.
Extrusion blow molding machines models are used for production bottles, vials, vessels, canisters and other hollow articles from 5ml to 5000 liters. These articles are used for packing products of different kinds. As raw materials there can be used different synthetic polymers: polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinylchloride, ABS resin.
Machines with storage dies are used for hollow articles production to 5000 l, and also plastic cases, pallets, plastic stadium seats, plastic fuel tanks for vehicles etc. Production process control is provided by a Japanese computer with handy interface.
Our company supplies continuous extrusion machines and machines with storage dies.